Joel Hill covers all aspects of computing. After seven years of home and business support, there is not a lot that he has not seen. If you ask him to do it, it will be done, but here are some generalised services on offer.

Computer Repairs

We repair all manner of computer problems: computers which will not boot, are running slowly or are unstable and crash a lot can often be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Don't give up on your computer - let us bring it back to life!

Virus & Spyware Removal

Our virus removal skills are second to none. With a thorough understanding of the inner workings of your computer, we are able to remove all traces of viruses and spyware from your hard drive so you can be sure that your PC is clean when you get it back. Viruses can cause a multitude of problems - fraud, identity theft, compromisation of personal data and disruption to application usage. We take this seriously, and will ensure that you have the best protection for your needs to minimise the risks of future infections.

Installations & Upgrades

We set up new computers, upgrade operating systems, migrate data from your old computer to your new one, upgrade and install new hardware. A RAM upgrade could improve the performance of your PC dramatically - contact us to find out more!

Internet Setup & Troubleshooting

We have a wide range of experience with all types of networking solutions, and can set up your network to fulfill your requirements. Whether you are a small business with a need for shared network resources or a home user wanted to implement a wireless network, we can get everything up and running for you!

If you have run into problems and can no longer access the internet and/or your printers, we'll fix up your network and have everything online again in no time.

Data Backup

We have a wide range of tried and tested data backup solutions to keep your documents, business data and photos safe. Losing data can be heart-breaking or costly - call us to ensure that you are prepared for the worst!

Tutorials & Training

Our hands-on training approach will guide you through the complexities of getting to grips with new software or a new computer at your own pace. We believe in teaching our customers how to perform the tasks they want to, rather than running through hundreds of 'features' they will never use.

Whether it is learning the basics of how to use your computer, enhancing your Microsoft Office skills, or figuring out how to get your holiday snaps off your new digital camera, we will walk you through the process step by step until you are confident enough to go it alone.